i-site Study Area

The i-site is where you may come to do your private study. During Year 12 you will be timetabled for study periods within the isite. There are 16 desktops for you to use for your work. There is a collection of books and periodicals to support your curriculum requirements make full use of the resources available in order to achieve higher grades.

i-site resources

One of the most important differences between studying for GCSE and studying at this level, you must expect to take on more responsibility for your own learning. So you have plenty of time but it is time you should be using wisely, and time that you should use to read around your subject.” Bill Indge. (2010). Time to Read. Biologcal Science Review. 23 (1), 30. All Sixth Form students are enrolled on the Library Management System and you may borrow 3 items for 2 weeks. Please renew any items you may require for longer. There is also a collection of University prospectuses for you to research a University course that will be the best for you and your career plans. Please ask for advice if you need help. Information for students who wish to apply for a job, apprenticeships is also available.


This school is extremely concerned about the issue of plagiarism. Copying and pasting, using quotes without crediting the source etc is to be actively discouraged. All year 12 students were given a booklet produced by Ofqal at the beginning of the year which explains how to avoid plagiarising. It is to be remembered that plagiarism is a form of theft as it takes someone else’s ideas and work; at the same time it is detrimental to the learning process of the student.

All Universities and some firms now have programs that scans any suspect piece of work and consequences can be severe.

General Reading

The Sixth Form isite has a collection of classic literature, popular fiction and some popular non-fiction. In order to improve on the standard of written English in preparing for the University process more general reading by our students is advisable.

Students should be reading much more widely around their chosen subject if they wish to obtain higher grades. The isite has a collection of periodicals on a subject basis, the Philip Allan Reviews, which are aimed at Sixth formers. Any sensible suggestions for additions to the stock are always welcome and will be considered.