Student Senior Leadership Team

Team Members


The Student Senior Leadership Team is made up of a group of students who represent the interests of students at the Sixth Form and make decisions on a variety of student related issues.

The Student SLT organise charity fund raising events, dances, the annual Leavers’ Prom and the Sixth Form Yearbook. The Senior Management of the Sixth Form consults the Council whenever the views of students are required.

The social aspect of Sixth Form life is organised primarily by the Student SLT. The Student SLT have their own notice board where details of events such as the Sixth Form Prom, fundraising events and sports activities are advertised. A Student Newsletter is published half termly. This is also an opportunity for advertising up and coming events in the Sixth Form and in the local community. Students are prompted to ‘get involved’ in every aspect of Sixth Form life.

Emily Eaton

Head Girl: Abby Hankinson

Head Girl: Abby Hankinson

I feel privileged to be selected as Head Girl. I believe this role will permit me to learn new skills and I want to ensure that everyone feels welcome in the Sixth Form.
I am looking forward to working with the rest of the Student Leadership Team. I appreciate how lucky I am to be part of an inspirational student team and look forward to creating new opportunities for everyone in the Sixth Form.’

Elliot Ham

Head Boy: Alex Barry

Head Boy: Alex Barry

‘I am looking forward to working with the Student Leadership Team as we bring our ideas together to look at opportunities to improve everyone’s experience of the Sixth Form. I hope to have a positive impact on the Sixth Form in my role as Head Boy.’

Daniella Kalita

Deputy Head Girl: Amy Morgan

Deputy Girl: Amy Morgan

‘The role of Deputy Head Girl is a very important achievement for me. Through the years, Ashton on Mersey has enabled me to gain confidence and has shown me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Taking on this role, I will be implementing several schemes in order to empower my peers and create a positive bond between staff and pupils. I am committed to supporting every member of the Sixth Form to work hard and achieve their full potential.’

Connor Ryan

Deputy Head Boy: Harry Mantel

Deputy Head Boy: Harry Mantel

‘As Deputy Head boy I will be representing the pupils and making sure their voice is heard in sixth form. Deputy Head boy makes me feel proud of myself and gives me the opportunity to help people in a way I never could before. Achieving this role is an honour and I am looking forward to working with the Student Leadership Team on all our projects.’