Student Services


Student Services Team

The Student Services team are based in the common room and are the focal point for all advice, guidance and additional support. Our Student Services team are available to all students for confidential advice and support on any matter. They are available 8.30am until 4.30pm every day.

Student Support

Student Support

‘Students’ work is closely monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that they remain on track and meet their learning goals.’


Every detail of students’ study time has been carefully considered and designed to support each student and their different needs. We have a constantly updated Sixth Form Careers library, a state of the art Learning Resource Centre and each student is assigned a personal tutor for advice and support.

You will benefit from many speakers visiting the Sixth Form to advise on careers and different subject areas, including Solicitors, Bankers, Teachers and Tradesmen. You will have the opportunity to ‘shadow’ professionals in their work and learn from these experiences. All students complete ‘work shadowing’ an essential element of post 16 eductaion.


Additional Support

Ashton on Mersey School Sixth Form is able to provide support for you if you have any additional needs. This support often begins before you enrol with us, and will always be available throughout your time with us. Possible support concerns include mobility and wheelchair access, visual or hearing impairment, dyslexia, dyspraxia and medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy. We are also able to deal with other types of need, as and when they arise.

If you are applying to us and think you will have additional support needs during your time at the Sixth Form, then you should contact student services. You can get in touch with student services via the usual Sixth Form address and telephone number or you can send an e-mail to

Before your first term at the Sixth Form we may arrange to meet earlier to discuss your individual learning and personal needs. Other opportunities may include:

  • A visit during June and July to get used to facilities and undertake taster opportunities in all subjects
  • Getting to know and keeping in touch with the support staff
  • Further explanation of the support which will be provided when you start

All being well, you should start your life at Sixth Form well supported and able to study without unnecessary difficulty. However, it is quite possible that your support needs will change or that you will discover unexpected problems that require further support. If this is the case your personal tutor or student services can help.